Specialty Dentistry

Your mouth is a very complex system that is vulnerable to a number of different problems. In addition to your regular dental cleanings and exams, your smile may need specific treatments to keep it healthy and attractive. We utilize our in-house dental lab to provide quality restorations in faster time. To meet your oral health needs, our team at Center for Implant Dentistry offers specialty dentistry in Bakersfield, California. Call our office at 661-663-9600 today and we will help you plan your visit with our implantologist Dr. Richard Casteen, prosthodontist Dr. Robert Willis or oral surgeon Dr. Robert Sharobiem.

Dentistry covers a wide array of services for oral health, some of which require additional education and training. The American Dental Association® has formally recognized several areas of expertise as dental specialties, and dentists with these specialties may be recommended for you, based on your needs, in order to achieve optimal results for your oral health. Our implantologist and team will do all they can to care for your smile, but for especially complex cases, it is possible we may refer you to one of the following dental specialists:

  • An endodontist: An endodontist is a dentist whose specialty is in the study and treatment of dental pulp. Dental pulp refers to the living tissue and the rest of the innermost layer of the tooth.
  • A periodontist: Periodontists are primarily focused on your gums. They study and treat the periodontal (gum) tissues that surround and support your teeth.
  • An orthodontist: Orthodontists focus on how your teeth all fit together. They can diagnose, prevent and correct abnormalities in your teeth’s alignment.
  • An oral and maxillofacial surgeon: These dentists are trained in surgery to address and treat any diseases, injuries or defects that require advanced surgical treatment.
  • A prosthodontist: Prosthodontists focus on patients with missing or deficient teeth or oral tissue. For patients suffering from conditions related to these oral defects, prosthodontists work to diagnose, plan treatment, rehabilitate and maintain proper oral function, health, appearance and comfort.
  • A pediatric dentist: These specialists are trained specifically to help infants, children and teenagers build and maintain comprehensive oral health to last their whole life.

To learn more about the different dental specialties, feel free to call or visit our team at Center for Implant Dentistry today!