Implant-Supported Dentures in Bakersfield, California

At Center for Implant Dentistry, our implantologist and team know how important a complete smile is not just to your oral health and function but also to your appearance and self-esteem. We also understand how inconvenient life can be with missing teeth. Using our in-house lab, Dr. Richard Casteen or Dr. Robert Willis can provide same-day implant-supported dentures in Bakersfield, California, so you can start enjoying your new smile in just one visit to our office. For more information, call 661-663-9600 and speak with a member of our team.

We offer implant-supported dentures as a more stable alternative to traditional dentures. While denture wearers can face the problem of traditional dentures becoming loose and moving around the mouth, making it difficult to comfortably eat and speak, our cost-effective implant-supported dentures are secured with dental implants. In many circumstances, we can even fit your existing denture with dental implants to create an implant-supported bridge.

We take the first steps towards securing your denture by placing implant posts in your jawbone. Implant posts look like screws and hold your denture in place. Four to six implant posts are usually required for implant-supported dentures, but the number can vary based on your needs. Your denture can even be placed on these posts the same day they are placed, allowing you to leave your appointment with a full smile. Implant-supported dentures help you smile, speak and eat more easily, and many patients say that implant-retained dentures act and feel like natural teeth.

Want to learn more about implant-supported dentures? Call us today to schedule an appointment with our implantologist.