Dentures in Bakersfield, California

If you need to replace multiple missing teeth or even an entire dental arch, contact the team at Center for Implant Dentistry at 661-663-9600 for an appointment with our prosthodontists. Implantologist Dr. Richard Casteen, prosthodontist Dr. Robert Willis or oral surgeon Dr. Robert Sharobiem, can provide you with dentures in Bakersfield, California, including customized dentures. Dentures are a reliable restoration option for adults of all ages, and we will be happy to tell you more and help you schedule your appointment.

Dentures are a great solution if you are missing multiple teeth. Dentures help you have a healthy and functional smile once again. They also restore the appearance of your profile and face by helping you avoid facial sagging caused by tooth loss.

We offer both complete and partial dentures. If you are missing a full arch of teeth, then complete dentures might be best for you. On the other hand, a partial denture might be the best choice if you have some natural teeth left in your smile. Partial dentures are made up of a metal framework with artificial teeth that are connected to plastic. Our implantologist will take the number and locations of your missing teeth into account as they customize your dentures to help make them comfortable and secure for your smile.

It may take a few weeks for your mouth to get used to the feeling of wearing dentures, and during that time, you might experience mild soreness or irritation. But the discomfort should fade as your mouth adjusts, allowing the dentures to feel more comfortable. To take care of your dentures and oral health, it is also important to practice good dental hygiene. Before you put in your dentures at the beginning of the day, brush the roof of your mouth, tongue and gums. Clean your dentures at night with denture-specific fluids, and place your dentures in water when not wearing them. To avoid warping, do not put them in hot water.

If you are wondering if dentures are the best option for you, call today to schedule an appointment with our team.