Single-Tooth Replacement in Bakersfield, California

If your smile only requires a restoration for a single tooth, our prosthodontists can provide you with a dental implant at Center for Implant Dentistry. We may also recommend an implant if your smile requires extra support for your new restorations. To learn more about single-tooth dental implants in Bakersfield, California, we encourage you to contact our team today at 661-663-9600 and ask for our implant specialists, implantologist Dr. Richard Casteen and prosthodontist, Dr. Robert Willis.

If you only need one tooth replaced, then a single-tooth implant would likely be the best option for you. A single-tooth implant is a stable, lasting option that is made up of a titanium post and a crown. The post is put into your jawbone to act as your tooth root, and after waiting for the post to integrate with your jawbone, we will make your dental crown and place it on the post.

Single-tooth implants have several benefits that other restorations may lack. While dental bridges necessitate crowns being put over the surrounding teeth to keep the bridge in place, single-tooth implants do not require the surrounding teeth to be altered. Single-tooth implants also help keep the bone tissue healthy, which in turn protects the stability of your teeth and implant.

Dental implants act and look like natural teeth, making them the best replacement for missing teeth. They improve the aesthetics of your smile and are easy to care for, and the post of your implant can last a lifetime. Nearly anyone can receive dental implants, but conditions like periodontal disease or tooth decay will need to be treated before dental implant treatment can begin.

To learn more about single-tooth dental implants and how they can change your life and smile, contact us today! We would be happy to schedule a consultation with our implantologist for you.