Cancellation Policies

Canceled/Rescheduled and Missed Appointment Policy

At Center for Implant Dentistry, your dental health is important to us. When we set up an appointment, a specific amount of time with our implantologist or hygienists is reserved especially for you. We also make multiple attempts to remind you of your appointment. If you must cancel or change your appointment, it is important that you give our office advanced notice so we may offer that spot to someone else in need of dental care.

Cancellation Notice Requirements

  • Routine exam, hygiene or general treatment visits require a 48-hour notice to cancel or reschedule
  • Treatment with our implantologist requires a 5-day notice
  • Treatment being done with a third-party anesthesiologist requires a 30-day notice


After your second late-notice cancellation or missed appointment, you will be required to pay a $50 deposit when scheduling an appointment within the next six months. This deposit will be applied to your co-pay on the service date. If you have no co-pay, the deposit will result in an account credit that can be refunded back to you. Should the appointment be missed or canceled without required notice the deposit will immediately be applied to a missed appointment fee.

How to Cancel Your Appointment

If it is necessary to cancel your scheduled appointment, you may do so by calling our office at 661-663-9600 during regular business hours and speaking to one of our team members. For your convenience, you can also call our office after hours and leave a message with our call center or respond electronically through the confirmation message that was sent to you.

We appreciate your understanding and compliance in this matter. Our practice firmly believes that a good doctor-patient relationship is based on understanding and good communication. Questions regarding the Canceled/Rescheduled and Missed Appointment Policy should be directed to our patient coordinators.