CID: Professional Whitening vs. Whitening at Home

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CID: Professional Whitening vs. Whitening at Home

Whiter teeth has become the number one aesthetic concern for dental patients. With so many treatment options with varying price ranges, it is difficult to know which treatment is best for you. Teeth stains occur on certain medications, normal wear of enamel, or excessive fluoride during tooth development. Center for Implant Dentistry has convenient options for you.

When Should I Whiten Teeth?

You can safely whiten your teeth at any age. However, the ideal age to begin whitening teeth is about 14 because the permanent teeth are usually all fully erupted in the mouth by that age. The younger teeth are, the more brilliantly they white

Dental Whitening

Center For Implant Dentistry has multiple in chair options available. To find out the best option for you, consider a free consultation. There are two options backed by dentist’s at Center for Implant Dentistry.

 Kor Whiten System

 Kor is a long lasting whitening gel that doesn’t cause sensitive teeth. The goal of the Kor system is to restore oxygenation to your adult teeth. If your teeth and gums are healthy, then your dentist will probably give you the okay for a professional whitening treatment.

People with gum disease sometimes get told to avoid bleaching treatments; the chemicals involved can irritate your gums and increase tooth sensitivity. Dental whitening systems have a higher amount of hydrogen peroxide, therefore can whiten more shades for a whiter smile.

Pola Whitening System

Designed to protect your sensitive dental nerves and nerve endings, Pola is a convenient in-office procedure that takes thirty minutes. Your dentist will have you come in for an initial consult to determine with Pola product is right for you, and also determine which shade to whiten to.

Home Whitening

Professional bleaching may not be your best option simply because there may be easier and less expensive ways to remove your stains. If your stains are minor, over the counter strips are cheaper, and effective. However, a home whitening treatment may cause more tooth sensitivity if your dentist doesm’t approve them. It is highly recommended you visit your dentist for a consult before proceeding with a home whitening treatment.

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