TeethXPress™ Same-Day Restorations

Here at Center for Implant Dentistry, we want to help you on your journey to fuller smile without delay. Using TeethXPress™ same-day restorations in Bakersfield, California, our team can provide you with a newer and more beautiful smile all in one day. Contact our team today at 661-663-9600 to learn more and schedule a visit with our prosthodontists, Dr. Richard Casteen or Dr. Robert Willis.

TeethXPress is a unique procedure designed to not only quicken the time it takes for you to receive your restorations, but also provide those with bone loss an alternative option to bone grafting surgery. In many cases, if a patient has significant bone loss in their jaw, they may be unable to receive restorations due to a lack of support in their jaw. With TeethXPress, there are multiple options for your implants that include various sizes and shapes which can be adapted to match your smile.

During the initial part of your exam, our prosthodontist will use a special 3D implant planning technology to map out your smile and prepare you for treatment. Depending on the state of your smile, you may need a slight bone grafting treatment beforehand to strengthen certain areas of your jawbone. Our prosthodontist will apply four to six implants in your jaw to provide your new restorations a solid foundation. The TeethXpress treatment can typically take up to three or four hours, depending on the condition of your smile.

If you would like to learn more about TeethXpress same-day restorations, we welcome you to contact us today and schedule a visit with our team!