Stable New Teeth in a Single Day

Dr. Casteen can provide you with stable new teeth during a one-day procedure. After initial preparation, he may place a series of dental implants to support a full-arch set of teeth. The set of teeth is totally secure and will give you close to the same chewing power as natural teeth. Using the revolutionary TeethXpress ™ procedure, most patients do not require bone grafting.

Your new fixed-in teeth will be completely stable, will look totally natural and will not slip or irritate your gums. Due to the advanced technology that makes the TeethXpress™ system work, Dr. Casteen can usually perform any needed extractions, place all your implants and provide you with a set of new replacement teeth all in a single day.

Experienced specialist in dental implant placement

Dr. Casteen is Bakersfield’s Premier Provider of TeethXpress® Dr. Casteen has himself placed thousands of implants during his 30-year career. He has helped many patients regain their smile with TeethXpress™.  He will ensure that your implant-supported new teeth are strong and durable and that your new smile is beautiful and functional.

How TeethXpress Works

In the past, many people with severe bone loss in their jaw were not eligible for implant-supported replacement teeth, since implants need a certain amount of bone present for stability. The TeethXpress™ system uses specially designed implants that come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are adaptable to almost every level of bone volume, thus removing the need for bone grafting for most patients.

Following a full diagnostic analysis of your jaw, your doctor will place four to eight implants on each arch. He chooses the exact size and shape of the implant that will work best for the amount of bone you have. Because bone grafting is mostly eliminated, the TeethXpress™ system has made the process of getting implant-supported, fixed-in teeth faster, more efficient and more affordable.

Dr. Casteen partners with an excellent lab. Together they create top-quality temporary and permanent new teeth.

Advantages of Permanently Fixed-In Teeth

You can eat the foods you want and need—Since your new teeth will have nearly the same chewing power as natural teeth, you will be able to eat the foods you want and need for proper nutrition without having to use a blender or cut your food up in tiny pieces.

You won’t experience painful chewing or sores—Since your new teeth will be securely fixed onto implants, they won’t slip. Chewing will be easy and comfortable, and you will not end up with the painful sores that result from loose-fitting regular dentures.

Your upper teeth have no false palate—Your new fixed-in teeth will not have the false palate that blocks your sense of taste and your perception of heat and cold. Eating and drinking will not only be more pleasurable, it will be safer.

Your jawbone will be preserved—To maintain its volume and density, your jawbone needs the stimulation from chewing and biting forces on your tooth roots. Bone loss occurs when teeth are missing and stimulation is absent. The pressure exerted by traditional dentures only accelerates the rate of loss. With implant-supported, fixed-in teeth, the chewing pressure on the implants works the same way as the pressure exerted on natural tooth roots, helping to prevent further bone loss.

Our TeethXpress™ Procedure

Dr. Casteen will meticulously plan and execute each phase of your treatment to ensure a stable, beautiful and long-lasting result.

Advanced 3D diagnostics

Dr. Casteen starts with a comprehensive oral exam, photos, and a full set of digital X-rays. He additionally uses our state-of-the-art cone beam 3D CT scanner to obtain highly detailed 3D 360-degree views of your teeth, jaw and surrounding area. This is all usually completed during your free consultation.

From these images, he is able to clearly see the bone volume across your entire jaw as well as all your anatomical structures, which is important for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

Detailed treatment plan

Dr. Casteen uses special 3D implant planning software to precisely work out the details of your treatment prior to surgery. Using the 3D images from the 3D CT scanner, he determines how many implants to place on your arch, and which size and shape of implant will work best in each position. He will also plan any bone grafting that may be needed to boost support for your implants. Whether you need bone grafting or not depends on your individual circumstances and Dr. Casteen will inform you ahead of time.

Surgical Guide

As needed, he may use implant planning software to create a surgical guide—a template that fits over the dental arch and marks exactly where to place each implant. They use the guide during implant surgery for greater efficiency.

Implants and functional new teeth on the same day

On the day of your procedure, Dr. Casteen will perform any necessary extractions and place all your implants. He will then fit you with a temporary set of new teeth to wear while your implants heal.

Growth proteins for faster healing

Dr. Casteen will take platelet-rich plasma (PRP), extracted from a small amount of your own blood, and apply it to your surgically treated tissues for faster healing. The plasma contains certain growth proteins that speed up healing and increase the strength and density of newly formed tissue. Growth proteins also reduce swelling and inflammation and prevent infection.

Your final, beautiful new teeth

Once your implants have healed, Dr. Casteen will attach your final replacement teeth. Your new set of teeth will feel very comfortable, will look completely natural and aesthetic, and will have nearly the same strength and functionality of natural teeth. You will be able to easily eat the foods you need and want, and speak and smile with new confidence!