How Does Orthodontics Play a Role in Oral Hygiene?

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How Does Orthodontics Play a Role in Oral Hygiene?

A straighter smile can actually contribute to healthier teeth and gums, which can save
money and pain in the long run by helping residents avoid the need for preventable oral

Everyone knows that if you want to have great oral health, you need to be brushing and
flossing your teeth once in the morning and night, with additional brushing after drinking
dark beverages like coffee and soda to prevent staining. This is because brushing and
flossing help to kill the bacteria that settle on and in-between teeth and can cause
damage to the roots of the teeth and gums over time.

These types of bacteria feed on sugar and protein from food that gets stuck in between
your teeth. Flossing is so important because it removes the bacteria’s food source
before they are able to colonize.

When an adult has oral issues that require orthodontic treatment to correct, the root
issue usually comes from the orientation of the teeth. When teeth come in, they may be
overcrowded, causing the teeth to grow in awkward directions. This creates more and
larger crevices, which make flossing more difficult. These crevices also provide more
places for bacteria to flourish and colonize, which can eventually lead to gum disease
and tooth decay if left untreated.

Regular visits to the dentist can improve your oral health too! Establishing a baseline for
x-rays, exams, etc will help your dentist or orthodontist monitor your progress. (Or
anything worsening!) Contact us today to get started, and even consider our
membership program to save money!

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